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Covered stent: Aneugraft® Dx


Amnis Therapeutics Ltd.

Product information

The Aneugraft® Dx is an innovative, single-layer coronary stent graft covered in equine pericardium. This low-profile system is the only biological tissue covered stent on the market, providing unique biocompatibility.
Designed to set a barrier between the blood vessel wall and its lumen, the Aneugraft® Dx is used in applications where complete separation between the blood flow and the arterial wall is required. Aneugraft® Dx provides a one-step, immediate vessel reconstruction in cases of acute rupture or dissection of a coronary artery, coronary aneurysm, or saphenous vein graft reperfusion.
The Aneugraft® Dx is a percutaneous implantable device consisting of a 316L stainless steel bare metal stent fully covered by an equine pericardium cylinder. The Pericardium cylinder is sutured with a polypropylene suture onto the bare metal stent.
The Aneugraft® Dx, mounted on a balloon catheter, is available in a variety of diameters and lengths and the balloon nominal diameter is identical to the corresponding inner lumen stent diameter.

- 6Fr guiding catheter compatible
- 0.014" guide wire compatible


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